A nice review of Edward IV, England’s Forgotten Warrior King.



At amazon.com/books a reader named Dr Watson wrote a nice review of my book about Edward IV: it was titled “A doctor’s diagnosis of Edward IV’s life and legacy.”

Dr Watson wrote: “at long last we have a clear, concise and correct evaluation of an often neglected king of England. Not a court historian, this doctor (Corbet) gets it right in all respects.”

Dr Watson continued: this book “properly lays out the story of Edward IV as it should be told, warts and all.”

Dr Watson liked the analysis of the bones of Edward’s male heir sons, which were discovered in the Tower of London in 1674. He also approved of the analysis of the alleged marriage contract and the prevailing canon law.

In praise of Edward IV, I quote Dr Watson again: “in every aspect of Edward IV’s life, from his royal court, to patron of the arts, library, commerce, trade, architecture, financial policy, justice system, military prowess and leadership, he (Edward) had it all.” It sounds like Dr Watson would agree with Lady Mary Clive, that Edward IV was “one of England’s greatest monarchs.”